i find myself in a mysterious space… a tesseract that glows faintly of past choices, the directions that we’ve chosen to live. its supposed to be simple, seeing how everything starts to fit together and paint the picture that you’re standing in. but the simplicity is mind boggling. pieces come and go, stay and change. a living breathing canvas pulled by your own strings, that paints itself and transforms with each whim and accord.

while i spend the quiet night pondering on the fabric of how i’ve played my cards, it strikes me that the most beautiful thing above the mystery of this space is being able to call it my own. and even better, is being given the chance to share it – and choosing to do so.

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  1. Talya

    Hi, I came here from the Calvin & Hobbes site. Thank you, I really enjoyed it, as I did with this last post as well.

    Isn´t it weird a complete stranger answering? I´ll be around reading what you have to say.

    Thank you again.


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