i’m getting tired. of a lot of things. maybe i do have issues, never really being content in the eye of normalcy. i want to change the layout of my room, change decor, change clothes, change this blog’s layout, change this site’s functionality. random random things, that tend to hover unnecessarily in my consciousness. i want to write songs, print pictures, take more steps forward. one day at a time i guess, for the little grasshopper.

it’s funny the big gamble we play, in not really knowing what exactly tomorrow brings. each day we plan tomorrows, for years on end but the actions we take can only really exist now. and then one day, that tomorrow will not come. the words unspoken, the dreams unknown, the stories untold are all forever lost. empty excuses, unfinished promises, everything that is too early to be forgotten, and too late to be undone. seize the day? seize your life. now. hey.. someone with a secret is calling. :)

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  1. Andrea

    sorry we didn’t meet up this weekend – bummed i missed out on salsa dancing – next time though – we can shake our booty’s together


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