the past two weeks are taking its toll. i don’t mind the drive, but the consistency of the commute is starting to wear me thin. tomorrow’s the last of the 100 mile a day commutes, thankfully. despite the setbacks which include the windowless basement office, i think i’ve substantially learned a lot from this engagement i was assigned to. ahh, the fresh grind of corporate machinery. i’d explain what i do, but i’d rather say i’m a ninja. i am one, really.

tomorrow morning i head out for a road trip straight after work. happy 4th of july little kids, don’t get into too much trouble! can’t wait to see the plankton :”>

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  1. maita

    What’s your email? I have lots to tell you. Interesting development this week, am now friends with someone I’ve missed for six years. :)

    And it looks like we both have the same new hobby! I just don’t have a name yet. Can you do a decent awu yet?

    Email me, please.


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