my head is aswim in lucid daydreams, of fleeting visions that flicker past each other into melded static snow from a dysfunctional midnight television glow. i had to dose myself with a doubleshot espresso to keep the eyes open and stew my brain in caffeine. the attention span of my fish is drowning in the pool of slumber.

isn’t it great how we can spike our bloodstream with sugar, alcohol, caffiene, nicotine – all sorts of chemical barbituates. everyone can pop a pill, light a stick, scratch n’ sniff and everything in between to satisfy the cravings and/or requirements for the waking moment. yet we all know it can only last for so long, before we get sucked into the grind once again once it wears off. it’s the tip of the iceberg for everyone’s insatiable desire to move just one last step higher. just. one. more. because the grass can always be greener than what you think you deserve.

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