i’ve been thinking of cutting my hair all the way, but i’m scared to look like i went through chemo. i need to do something crazy. there’s always that unsettling restlessness creeping out through the moments when i realize that i’m idle.

i need to start training for our batisado. there are three more things aside which i want to take a tad more seriously: music, photography, and the GMATs. surprisingly, the hamster wheel isn’t doing too bad. i just like to get neck deep into the moments because life is too short to half-ass the time into waste.

i always remember the jesuits. non multa, sed multum. not many, but much.

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  1. ulo

    nice site señor. Good luck with the GMAT’s, I’m registered to take it later this year. lemme know how it goes. late

  2. joylet

    hey! i want to cut your hair! it doesn’t matter, move to hong kong, uka-uka is the hippest way to go!


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