gloating rights!

i just saw chris cornell and tom morello! hopped on the metro towards hollywood, where audioslave threw a free concert which was being taped for the jimmy kimmel show that’s airing in a few minutes. i’m totally speechless. they played for quite a bit, but my highlights were spoonman, and killing in the name because i’m a 90’s slut like that. come on, remnants of superbands soundgarden and rage against the machine??! no way. as soon as they played that rage song, i almost shat myself whilst the crowd exploded into a frenzy, running over the barriers and turning the corner of hollywood and highland into one giant mosh pit complete with random kids crowd surfing and pockets of slam dancing freaks in black. it was surreal. so this was the LA i’ve been missing.

a few minutes into the song, riot police in full gear started making their way around the stage, in preparation to diffuse the energy before it precipitates and gets out of hand. man, i was ready to get tear-gassed; i didn’t care. heck, that would’ve been cool. but not cooler than seeing audioslave… for free, to boot.

that gig was pretty sick. i always end up doing the randomest things by myself. i need a sidekick! now accepting applications. puh.

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  1. Raffy

    awww…I missed it. I was supposed to be there. Had tickets para malapit sa stage area pero I had to work. badtrip.


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