i want to explode. i don’t know what’s going on. i feel so restless.

fool enough to almost be it
cool enough to not quite see it
pick your pockets full of sorrow
and run away with me tomorrow
                -sp; mayonnaise

i was thinking of flying up to sanfo for memorial day weekend. or possibly new york. i need to get out of here.

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  1. Andrea

    come to san fran – kelly is coming that weekend too – it will be fun we can go dancing


  2. joylet

    I love how when you are depressed you can afford to fly off to neverland or drive off somewhere. You’re still lucky.

  3. lovine

    actually i just go to the neighborhood drug dealer, toke up on copious amounts of ampethamines, and end up re-hashing old pictures of my trips and pretend they’re recent. it’s all a ploy, ms. catapang. i miss youuuu! pakyu!


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