everything feels so diluted. lately things haven’t been going so well. i find myself eating once a day, and mostly half a meal, with no desire nor sensation of hunger. i can feel the physical needs of my body for food, but the hunger is nowhere to be found. i feel so lethargic, so out of sync, so… detached.

a small ringing voice in the side of my head tells me to take my life more seriously. not that i’m not, but i want to live my life through the light and shadows of a greater good, of infallible ideals, of genuine friendships amidst sincere and undoubted faiths.

hopefully we don’t lose track of our feet on the ground. hopefully we don’t forget the meanings of the choices we’ve made, the words we’ve spoken, the dreams we believe in. the ants are marching, but all their minds are astray.

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