i need to stretch. my. mind. i’m getting terribly bored. 24-hours isn’t enough for a day, when you spend more than half of it on a hamster wheel.

corporate machinery begins to lay claim on your identity.


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  1. roy

    hamster wheel. good analogy. can you give your best to a hamster wheel? knowing there are bigger things

  2. lovine

    always give your best to everything. it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. it’s not the fight, it’s the training..

    if you can conquer the hamster wheel, you can conquer the water bottle.

  3. roy

    hamster wheels and water bottles. will they train you to break free from the cage?

  4. lovine

    once i conquer the wheel and its elements, the cage merely becomes an illusion: an artifact of resistance. once i conquer the wheel, i fundamentally break free from the cage as well.. aw shit.

  5. Alexis

    24-hours totally isn’t enough for a day. 12 hours totally isn’t enough time on a hamster wheel. they’re so fun. you need at least 18 or 19.

  6. joylet

    WTF hamster wheel ka dyan. This is what slave drivers do! I want to be a slave driver myself and see how the hamsters do on my own hamster wheel.BWAHAHA!


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