this has got to be one of the randomest weekends ever. on friday i took off for my buddy’s place near LMU, and shat ourselves when we caught his hot skanky neighbor opening the doors of her hummer. it could’ve been any other H2, but the tank was decked out in vinyl for bare elegance. how often does it happen that your neighbor is a stripper? time to borrow some salt, gio.

the rest of the weekend consisted of more sublime, pleasant surprises. i saw my crush at asaya, had my friends put under the spell of a little kitty, met new kids over drinks at the yardhouse and hookahs, and barely survived an impromptu photo shoot of sorts. also uploaded some pictures from a picnic at simi valley last weekend as well.

white collar work may be busting my ass, but the weekends have been blessed with random tokens of adventure that afford me the strength and hope of surviving the rest of the week.

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  1. Lou

    Wow. You’re lucky. She could have painted that war machine…pink.

    That’s bound to take attention away from the .50 cal she’s got packing.



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