life has this fluid transgression in between waking moments, lulling you into a comfortable rhythm of routine.. quietly enslaving you to your comfort zone. wrapping you in familiar friendships, enveloping you with an amorphous feel-good substance you call home. and eventually, the endless days train you the ability to digest everyday occurances into a washed out plethora of numb empty actions. washed out, fed up, stagnant – and you don’t even know it.

there always seems to be a reason to run away from something.


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  1. blowjob

    dude, i think you need to see a specialist.. or maybe get laid or something.. kung anu-ano na pumapasok sa utak mo.

  2. jik

    maybe a reason. or maybe an excuse. hey, we have to settle sometime someplace. but maybe not right now yet. =D


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