fearing the most at this moment- like a clock unwinding, the complete opposite of the direction we’re supposed to be heading.

feeling like passions might run dry, without even knowing what they really are. feeling like another cog in the wheel with no purpose nor consequence to exist, a small bump in the road and a small jitter at the most when taken out of the system. trivialities take on the form of tragedies. like everyone else just searching for meaning, outside of living moments each second at a time. where is the bigger picture?

an overall lack of faith, a lack of defined sensible reasons for being, a lack of understanding for personal space in conjunction with the space everyone else claims. in the bottom of the barrel we might all just be the same, struggling to be different, but still chained to the reality that we’re just like everyone else.

what is purpose? what is meaning? … who are you?

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