there’s this vegan stunt lady named spice, at the house of champions who explained to me why her family doesn’t eat meat nor consume any type of dairy products. after skimming the usual processed foods story, she goes on to organic detail about pus on cow’s tits and antibodies designed for baby calves that will eventually concoct havoc on your pancreas. at the rate she was going, we might as well grow udders and rot from mad cow disease.

gosh, and i thought it was bad enough farting noxious fumes after a glass of good ole vitamin d milk. i brew a mighty concoction, i must say. but having to worry about viral proteins chimmying down my immune system? forget it. as my dad king benny would declare: “i eat to live, and i live to eat.”

not eating meat is one thing. but to desensitize all foods into a scare of chemical slews that would bestow cancer upon thee, is another. i’m allergic to shrimp, but i’d happily consume copious amounts because i know i’ll die anyway. might as well go down a happy man. whatever floats your sushi boat, brah.

oh, and check this out. fo shizzle.

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