stuck exactly 2,814.6 miles away from home, in a different time zone. away from the warm los angeles sunshine, holding nothing but the company issued laptop and the clothes on my back.

tomorrow is the first day of training here in philly. two hours ago, my baggage didn’t show up at the airport. fun times!

so they’re supposed to deliver my baggage between 12 and 4am later, but murphy’s law tells me something that i don’t want to mention which might jinx me. what worried me walking out of the airport holding nothing, was the fact that i wasn’t so worried. it’s a weird feeling.

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  1. lovine

    i’ve heard that before. and if i’m not mistaken, i told you that. fisher. :)

  2. Alexis

    bobby fisher?

    fuck you. i am innocent, and restrained. lovine is balls to the wall. one big one, one regular one.


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