instead of numbing yourself to the routine burdens of responsibility, there must be something or some way that will keep on pushing me to do more, and break through the ices of complacency.

girafa reminded me today what it takes. you can only grow when you push yourself harder, just when you already want to quit. and that short painful distance is worth more than all the comforts of your security blankets. and i might be digressing – you can always put up your walls and declare your space, but all it does is make you softer and more vulnerable when you venture out. and eventually, we all have to. everyday. inside the burdens of our responsibilities, and out.

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  1. infinitechances

    just what i wanted to hear. im swamped with work… and im about to burst… (and quit)… haha! ;)

    but then again… i’ve been thinking about pushing it to the limit…

  2. infinitechances

    and today, im in the same battlefield… with a different thought in my head… surrender and lose. blech!

  3. jik

    I guess just as sometimes we push other people to see how far they’ll go, we also tend to forget to push ourselves. Especially when it is needed. And especially when we feel like we’re trying too hard and getting nowhere, when in fact, we’re just a centimeter away from lifting ourselves up from our own pile of shit. Hehe. Are you ever going to teach me about my video, Mr. Lovine?? :)

  4. cecile

    it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone. i agree with you, the happiest i’ve been was when i pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. it’s always a trip when you know you’re pushing yourself, and you’re getting somewhere.


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