i spent the past two weekends afloat in the company of gorgeous women, and a slew of random events that leave me cavorting down the rabbit hole. if it sounds like fun, i’m up for it in a heartbeat!

in keeping with the tradition of reckless spontaneity, i was out in melrose this afternoon to met up with this guy named jerry garcia and director cullin tobin. something’s brewing, and it smells like the speaks. i’m totally stoked. perhaps it would make more sense in a few weeks when i eventually write about what happened in that dirty alleyway. the cops sprung up on us too. but i’m not spilling. :) what a weekend! banzered!

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  1. piatch

    hmmm… mag-aartista ka na? heheheh… paninindigan mo na nag frodo? nyahahhaah oyst joke lang! hehehe bati tayo. :)

  2. jj

    michelle banzer is mine! Hahahaha, sayang, she’s too good for import nights. And i should stop visiting your website cause lisa gleave is starting to look like woah! pssst. Ok reality check.

  3. Alexis

    i read that you little bitch. where is brook burke? where are you hiding her? don’t be selfish little man.

    i think this is these car shows are the closest you’ll get to one of those AVN shows while still retaining a small sense of decency.

  4. Jerry Garcia

    someone say cops? what are you talking about… it was the rumblers!!! thanks again lovine. i’ll let you know when the music video is done!

  5. Relentless

    hot hot hot hot leah! hot hot hot hot dizon! hot hot hot hot leah! hot hot hot hot dizon!
    do i have to say more?

  6. joey

    this night was the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    thier was a lot of fine woman ……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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