a few weeks ago i boarded a train and took a lot of pictures. took me a while to get them up and running, but here are a few. let’s board the space seattle!

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  1. mikkel

    the pink door, cosmic blabla jazz, local karaoke singers, pussy bums that won’t shoot us, a gino-look-alike grudge tribute band, seemingly endless walking and getting lost, pretty admirable waitresses that turn us down, and the “owl” establishment constantly tapping at our curiosity through its red lights that shine through our hotel window. good memories, great city. chalk one up along the great trips column! good job, brotha!

  2. mic


    and are you getting taller??? parang you’re reaching mikkel na. wahahaha. mwah! labshooooooo… :)

  3. Pia

    there’s nothing like travelling on rail. there’s nothing like donning a backpack, knowing that everything you own is on your back… but the real thrill comes in knowing that you’re looking forward to seeing things that you can never own inside your bag, but only in the memories that you create in travelling, by leaving everything behind.

    I love you.

    Marry me.

  4. Alexis

    what kind of super train is that?! that’s straight gattaca.

    good show. :)


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