happy birthday, erika! i love you! :)

i’d write lots and lots of cheesy sentimental stuff about how you’d make me cry before i would leave back to the states, or how i’d fly across the pacific ocean in the middle of the school year just to be your 18th rose, or how we’d talk nonsense hogwash until the wee hours of the morning. or how we’d get drunk after playing stupid paper-rock-scissors and break your shoe. or.. or.. a multitude of other things that defy all relics of time and space, leaving me with an immense feeling of gratitude that you are who you are, and all that cheesy stuff. but it would be embarassing if i said all that, wouldn’t it? but the funny thing is, i don’t really mind because it’s true and a half.

i miss you. a lot. :) happy birthday!

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  1. naPELeon dynamekmek

    like you could like pass for kermit the frog’s husband. yes he’s gay and so are you.

  2. Alexis

    lovine you look kind of suave and sensual in that pic. especially with the sexy seductive sleepy cross-eyed look, and the soft yellow tint.


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