i don’t know where to start before i start gushing about seattle. so i guess i won’t write about it, to preseve the sanctity of the experience. and my mind is awash with all the small tasks i need to accomplish, one of them having to revamp the current photo gallery i have. i like a few pictures that i took, not distinctly seattle, but pictures nonetheless.

its a funny feeling when you have all these small stories you want to share, but in truth, no one will really understand the meaning of it all. unless you’re with a bunch of good friends who are piss drunk as you are and things magically seem to make more sense. but with the way things are going, i might have to throw in the towel and start anew while i can. and so seattle was sort of a last hurrah before the gears start churning again. wait, my last hurrah must’ve been being clocked doing 105mph by the CHP, but that’s another story. i hope i’m not in trouble, but i have a sinking feeling that i am.

i start work in a couple of hours, with a risk consulting firm. i bought new yellow onitsuka tigers and a sector 9 long board. and as a final rebellion for being unable to purchase U2 tix, i got coachella instead. you can hate me now. :)

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  1. ten

    how do you pronounce your name? is it lo-veen’? what does it mean?

    i like the sound of it.

  2. joylet

    WHUT! Coachella pakyu ka talaga. so i officially hate you. you can send hope’s coach collar whenever ;p

  3. Andrea

    oh how much fun are we going to have at coachella. Excuse the behavior from this weekend. I hope you had fun even though i was slightly drunk. Kiss kiss


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