i will be gone for a week, to spend some time in the northern reaches of this continent. not as far north as i would’ve wanted, but still northern nonetheless. i’ll be taking a car up to sanfo, and boarding the amtrak for the coast starlight route up to seattle.

in the meantime, i daydream about the sheer wildness of going to alaska or plunking 10 g’s towards a trip to antarctica. isolation! but with the way things are going, they’ll be a little bit longer than a daydream.

inside me burns an insatiable desire to explore the world, because i’m certain that it is only in knowing what’s outside of me that i can begin to realise the truths inside. i may never really understand, but i might as well have fun trying. even if it slowly kills me.

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  1. ibalik

    oi lovine. i once took that train too, 3 years ago, with route from oakland to portland. but with a few dollars more, i extended it to seattle and stayed at ghetto ass hostel. then from there, i boarded amtrak again and ventured eastward to MN. man, miss ko tuloy. kahit na economy, it feels like sitting on a first class with so much leg room. observation deck is the best place to chill, smoking section of the train is the best place to meet weird people, and btw, buy your food beforehand, unless you’re willing to pay highway robery priced snacks. have fun.

  2. Kristine

    Eee! I love Seattle. My favorite town in the world. I took Amtrack once before. From LA to Arizona. Damn it was far. But I saw the Grand Canyon, and it was pretty. Looks exactly like it does in pictures.

  3. joylet

    take me with you! if i were to be able to roam around the world as you have, i would be in a state of content at this very moment. unleash the chains.

  4. lovine

    ibalik, the train ride was amazing! never really imagined it to be that pretty. it must be even better had we seen the coastal part from SF to LA. thank you for the tips, nagbaon kami ng maraming candy bars and met many people along the way!

    kristine.. that sounds amazing.. i think i should do more trains when i can.. its just so time consuming, but its a real break from the ordinary!


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