the biggest mystery of life is trying to understand the reasons why i loved you. but maybe the mysteries of life are meant to be that way, never really knowing the reasons why… but accepting it for what it is, for what it means. even if it never really does make sense. remember the stills: “logic will break your heart.”

we all only live once. and denying yourself the few things that make life matter, is the least you can ever deserve.

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  1. jik

    You’ve been the only one who was able to put into words exactly how I felt a few weeks, months, years back. In a situation totally different from yours maybe, but what you wrote would have been the same words I would have wondered and said had I been as talented.

  2. aims

    your post is so nice lovine! thank you so much for putting that in writing. take care dear! i hope all is well!


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