Le Sigh

The best part about getting older is having the leverage to just not give a damn. Yet at the same time we are aware that everyone is running through their own gauntlets, that we must be kind not because bad people go to hell, but because that’s what decent human beings should do. And so it turns out that instead of not caring, I begin to hold friends up to higher standards, and expect them to take life by the horns and stare it down. And it’s infuriating when the options remain unexplored, when lots of words are said but the action is far and seldom in between. And then the indifference turns sour. That we may in some dimension be responsible for the perceived shortcomings of our friends, that their shortcomings are somehow a reflection of… us. May it be passively through association or in the extreme case that we’ve allowed such behavior to flourish on our own grounds, it’s hard to subscribe to a passive life that centers on the consumption of all things shallow. Then again, what is shallow for me, may mean the world to others.

Consume less, make more. Talk less, live more. We are the company we keep. Be better everyday. More than yesterday. Or GTFO.

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