banzai on comedy central is cracking me up like a madman. posed as a japanese gameshow, you place bets on the outcomes of really bizarre situations. the scenarios?

a goal kick, pitting a one legged kicker versus a one armed goalie. who will win? two midget mountaineers, who will be first to scale a normal sized man and place a flag on the green flower block on his head? a woman jumps off a boat in the middle of a lake. is the water deep or shallow? two grannies on motorized wheelchairs, in a head-on collision course. who will chicken out? place your bets, it’s now time to play banzai!

other random features include the ‘one question girl’ who does interviews as long as she can by asking one question and staring the rest of the time. her male counterpart was ‘mr. handshakes man’, who tried to see how long he can keep on shaking the hands of the victim throughout the interview. it sounds lame when i write it, but it’s just so random that it makes you want to be japanese so you could do that too. victims were bill murray, antonio banderas, adam sandler. this is the perfect late night party show! they should have a banzai and takeshi’s castle marathon!

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