after polishing off a pint of häagen-dazs strawberry ice cream, scientists might take into consideration that genetic predisposition to heart-disease must transcend the physical aspects of fat clogged arteries, but also apply to a hidden genetic switch that makes us want to stuff our faces with grease and velvety smooth lard to coat our innards and fatten our blubber for the winter season. thank god for my metabolism, i’m still a scrawny little dude.

now i’m getting flashbacks of my brother buying a bag of chicharon bulaklak, which is a local delicacy made of deep fried pork innards. you know it’s a bonding moment once the both of you start seeing white spots in a dizzy haze and oil starts to seep from your sweat glands. mmmmm.

man, that was good. now i feel really ill. i always enjoying eating things that might possibly kill me. eat now, life fast, die faster.

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