amazing aurora the past few days. check out the pictures at too bad i live in a place too comfortable to see them. i wish i could spend a month or two during the height of the winter season in a cold dry isolated place far far away from city lights where i could sit in a little ball of solace and admire the dancing lights. just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. but as much as it being a spiritual experience for me, it would be better to share that moment with a good friend. its just that, nobody really thinks sitting their ass out in the cold is a damn good adventure.

when i’m dead, i’ll fly my asian butt over to the next planet with a view of nebulae, mid-sequence supernovas, perpetual aurora borealis, and enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate with other friends from beyond. how rad would that be? well, that’s pretty much heaven i guess.

orange juice makes me more thirsty and i don’t know why. it’s been a long day. boy, i’m pooped.

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  1. lovine

    pictures dont do them justice. once you look up at the sky and watch the lights dance for you, you’ll realize how fragile you really are. or maybe its just me. :P


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