i’m back up at sanfo to visit nannoo. it was a fairly quick drive up with pontrelli- i’m blessed to have very patient friends, as she didn’t mind my mindless ranting and horrid song-bird renditions on 5 hours of road. i can get fairly annoying and require a few slaps to snap me out of it. anyway, we had dinner with kathryn at this restaurant where we had an incredibly gorgeous waitress that i wanted to marry. monique, was her name. i felt like i had a beehive of butterflies for dinner instead of ribs. hi, i’m a loser.

i need to buy my costume at the grocery. i hope it works out. i’m not sure if i’ll pull it off, but lets see when the pictures come out. i was considering wrapping my frail delicate naked asian ass into a roll of suran-wrap, but i figure it would be disastrous if i needed to go pee. or poop. or you could look at it as an interesting consumption-junction phenomenon. i’m in san francisco anyway, i’ll blend right in. but scrap that, i’m sticking with plan A.

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