i always wish i realized things sooner. looking for a job is about the same stress as looking for a university. this earth is way too big for my small world to comprehend. one small step at a time, i guess.

for those who know, i recently said goodbye to livejournal. i’m not responsible for her life. i did all that i could to help, but its out of my hands. i hope she gets better eventually.

for everything else, there’s mastercard. (i don’t get it either. it just sounded appropriate.)

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  1. joylet pakyu

    LOVINE!!! i saw the video. You’re such a PIMP!!! Tangina dude bahay mo ba talaga yon!? TANGINA! CRIBS NA CRIBS!!! Pwede ba kong magpa-ampon kina King benny? o kung mawalan ako ng trabaho ako na lang maid/butler niyo?! POTAH! I can’t get over it!

  2. Dwight

    ROFL This actually made my day…ok na ang kaseryosohan ng entry tapos pag punta mo sa comments…LOL such a complete paradox


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