cecile met the major proponents of gopezcorp a few minutes ago. it was a classic king benny opening: “anong pangalan ng tatay mo? eh ang nanay mo?… sabi ko na nga ba eh.” anyone who’s had the opportunity to meet my dad in a personal setting will understand the commotion of the locomotion. we all sat down for the length of a good hour. i love king benny, he’s quite the character.

in other news, cecile discovered a cool joint along fairfax last night, ‘soul sessions’ at this club called fais do-do. open mic freestyle hip-hop fused with funk jazz rhythms from a breakbeat band. definitely a step up on things that i’ve seen this side of the world. it makes me wonder why all of these gorgeous gigs are happening in LA under my nose without me knowing it. maybe i’m too busy at home playing yahoo pool? in any case, mad props to my current partner in crime. ‘sup bebegurl, buti nalang nandiyan kaaa. today we saw a UK band called hope of the states at the el rey theater, and tomorrow we’re heading up to ventura for some gomez action. my friends are the coolest cats ever. let the good times roll!

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  1. ibalik

    im about to embark on a roadtrip heading towards your neck of the wood. i hope LAs ready for me.

    (i will be checkin out some laid back venues like fais do-do – rinig ko astig daw ‘soul sessions’ nila.)

  2. lovine

    ibalik: let me know how the trip goes. hanap tayo ng gig!

    anonymous: highly recommend it! each song was accompanied by video clips on a projector,so it was definitely interesting and added a little snazz. their sound was really ‘epic’ in the sense that it’s like an orchestra turned into a band with 3 guitars and the works. definitely worth seeing.

  3. JOREL

    gago ka. wala ka jan nung pumunta ako. lahat ng kasama ko gusto mag clubbing o kaya sobrang busy bukod sa mga ateneo boys

    gago ka


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