so.. you don’t even have the common decency to turn your back to talk to me when you’re hanging out with your new “friends”, don’t you? you make me stand behind you like an idiot and don’t mind me. what’re you trying to prove? i don’t care if you’re a cool cat now, all i know is i’m quite happy that i never needed to reaffirm myself by paying to have friends, unlike your sorry little ass. i was hoping that you knew better, but you just brought yourself a notch lower. what a sad little schmuck you are.

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  1. Guy

    Wait who the hell did this???? That is messed up, you should smack this bitch around. I hate people like that, those who think they are too cool to even say hi to others.

  2. andrea

    who messed with my lovine. If they are a jackass you don’t need them lovine. I miss you! :)


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