disturbing. i had just awoken from a vivid dream, involving lots of cockroaches in a frying pan. after awhile, they started to plump up and miraculously transform into juicy orange shrimp, succulently swimming in oil and frying into a golden crisp. what does this mean? ugh.

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  1. lovine

    allergic yes, but it doesn’t stop me from eating them. i was prepared to die one time when i ate a bowlful of shrimp.. but i knew i was going to die happy anyway.

    nice one, nelson ;)

  2. Anonymous_no_more

    para you can just send your dreams to me via email and I’ll give you your private interpretations c”,)

  3. roy

    You are the frying pan. At this juncture in your life you find yourself dealing with the not-so important, not-so urgent pieces of the pie. And yet, soon enough, you will discover that the time and effort you have spent on these seemingly negligible factors sum up to become something great and wonderful. BUT the irony is that to partake in this feast will cost you dearly. To die in a sense but on the brighter side, to live anew.

  4. mky

    it means you’re weird and sick… u have affinity for creepy crawlers. maybe cockroach entered ur mouth while u were sleeping and u like how it tasted.

  5. santi

    lovine i think it only means that you are born smart… ;)
    do you know that there’s a theory that shrimps are cockroaches that evolved? – really!


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