my knees just get really weak for japanese girls. when they’re pretty, they’re just.. my poison pill. it didn’t help that i was wearing my japanese green tea shirt, i just couldn’t muster enough balls up to strike a conversation. can i spell loser on my forehead? a million stolen glances was all i could give her. she had a boyfriend, and i made it a convenient excuse to shy away like a little lost boy. her having a boyfriend made a perfect smoke screen for my non-existent social skills.

then again, the question arises, whether i would’ve done anything had the boyfriend not been there. i can always argue that i’ll never know cos thats not the case, but its always a legitimate concern.

on top of that, this underage girl made a pun about my ‘height’ outside the bar we were at. i guess she was surprised cos i look 12. spell bitter? screw you bitch, at least i’m not a loser who can’t get into bars. what i lack in height, i make up in length… my charm goes a long way :”> at least i’m not stupid like you.

nothing’s in vain though. i met this amazing girl who’s gung-ho about her music, and i now have a lead to my goal of finding a band. if you can’t find love in women, screw it, i’ll always find it in music. :)

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  1. redg

    you have a thing for japanese girls? did you get to meet my roomate when you were here? teehee ;)
    ahhh.. for the love of music. na-miss kita bigla. BC tayo ulet pagbalik mo :)


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