here and there, i would randomly remember naz and patricia and chuckle to myself at their antics. and then i would remember genie, how i used to wake her up every sunday afternoon to do our weekly round of kamuning to get textiles and have cheap bad-ass outfits made. while i ended up with a polo that would make me look like a maid, she ended up with the coolest pair of pants. score, yo. honestly, i wish she were my sister or my neighbor. she has totally no clue how absolutely lovely i think she is. she inspires me. i cut my hair because of her! man, i hate it when i miss newly found friends.

the only thing that keeps me from looking back and scratching my head on why i left, is knowing that this year can only be as mystery-filled as the one that came before it. i wonder who else is waiting around that corner?

(and no, not the transvestites hanging outside the corner of my house in manila. hahaha! sagwa!)

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