sometimes i wonder if EG ever knew that i liked her. the last time that we bounced off a few ideas and shared a few (nerve wrecking) minutes, i would’ve known that i liked her if i were in her shoes. not because i said anything in particular, but with just.. the moment. you know? there was something in that moment. or she would’ve seen it either in my bug eyes or incoherent rambling ons.

talking to kate about KF made me remember how it felt to have a swarming horde of butterflies invade my gut whilst leaving the better judgement of me in a dizzy. wonderful times, they don’t happen to me as much as they used to.

and so now, the drama of having a crush is now passed on to kate ‘kilabot ng masa’ villaseñor. what didn’t happen between me and EG, we all pray to the high heavens that kate will have wrapped around her finger. :”>

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