here’s a letter i wrote myself nov 28 2002 before leaving for germany. i was supposed to read it two months after writing it, after mailing it to myself back in LA. i found it while cleaning my room, and very befitting considering how my friends inspire me. :)


ich haiße lovine. ich bin nach bonn geblieben. as each day draws closer towards departure, the less i could care about the future; each moment seems to gain more importance, like the final grains of sand dancing in an hourglass. these are the moments when you know your life is in your hands, but then again it is also about knowing that all moments are yours. no matter where you are, or even when you are, everything is still yours. because your life is, and everything just follows. always remember to live the moment, live your moment, and do what you have to do, because that is the only way that dreams become true. i am who you were two months ago, and who you are now will be what i am to you for future moments. does that make sense? it will. anyway you are one lucky bitch. aurora borealis, tromso, vatican and the pope, kölsch, just look at the pics. live life.. we are one, and we’ve all we’ve got.

tcheuss out!

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  1. mikkel

    It’s good to be alive. GRABE. ;)

    I just had one of the best days of my life… a punctured tire, complicated tire changing, traffic, a long wait at the north harbor, confusion at the north harbor, traffic again… and i’m not being sarcastic! the experience was wonderful. and I AM ALIVE! wapak!

  2. joylet pakshet

    Wow. that really inspired me. My life is MINE. what to do…what to do.. if only i were as lucky as you bastard enjoying Oktoberfest at Germany. pakyu. somewhen i will.


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