do it. just do it.if there’s something that i know, its this: my friends are PIMP. you guys are hot shit. each one of you! i love all of you! not only because of tonight, but because of all the moments that we share. sorry, mejo senti, pero ganiyan talaga. you guys are awesome :)

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  1. binky

    hi lovine! ur such a freak (in a good way) and i’m glad to have met you, albeit a bit late. you made me laugh quite a bit in the 2 hours that i’ve known you. :) perhaps we will cross paths again?! enjoy the next phase in your life!

  2. ava

    buhbye lovine, we will miss youuu!!! :~( thanks for everything!!Ü don’t go breakin amgirls’ hearts, ayt?;p oh, bring me home an amboy when you get back!;p *mwah*

  3. Dons

    Viner you’re sucha cutie :-) I will surely miss you. And so will Amber. More secrets to come! But not from me, okay? hehehe! Come back soon :-)

  4. joylet a.k.a. pakshet

    PAKSHET! there’s only one song i can think of with your bullshit leaving us…Gary V’s babalik…at babalik ka rin! ill miss you pakyu but i bet you’ll miss us more! Gago.

  5. joylet a.k.a. pakshet

    gago alam mo ba naiyak ako kagabi pagkatawag mo, sa inis(hindi dahil sa yo dahil kay as usual hehe)and because ill mishu pakshet ka talaga!


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