there’s someone familiar in today’s business section of the philippine star. hahaha!

i feel like i’m taking a crash course on brokering. i spend the mornings at the trading floor watching market activity (or lack of it, at times) while my afternoons are spent at the office devouring reading material. this afternoon i took down notes on the difference between fundamental versus technical analysis of stocks. what kind of tickles me is knowing that i can actually learn this on my own, if i just sat down and read about it.. which is exactly what i did today. all i really need to do, is put myself in a situation where i actually allow myself to learn. i’d like to call it ‘situational schooling’. so far so good. i’m feeling really lucky, and i’m taking everything in.

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  1. cinds

    hey, this is exactly what ive been doing in the office for 3 weeks now – learning how to trade FX, GS, and stocks. It’s all pretty much blurry in my mind but I think I’ll get a hang of it real soon. hehe! im glad you’re learning it on your own. good for you. :)
    anyway, i guess we’ll just see you when you get back (or maybe when I go to NY this christmas). keep in touch! i really enjoyed hanging out with you during our citibank days. we’ll mishyah! (hehe, mushy)! :)


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