i bought the most random things today. 75 ft. of video cabling, a piece of water piping for my bidet, a pack of guitar strings, and a harmonica. yes, a harmonica. hey man, for 60php (1usd), how can you go wrong? i also got a contraption that allows you to play without using your hands. pretty useful if you’re strumming a guitar, or while driving through manila traffic while avoiding pesky bikers and pedestrians as i demonstrated earlier.. much to the horror of joy, who was my überlucky sidekick for today.

in keeping up with today’s events of randomness, therese commissioned me to cut her hair. well, all i really did was a trim, and i got a slice of blueberry cheesecake as a prize. she has balls for letting me cut her hair, me thinks. has she fallen off her rocker?

everything is starting to make sense now. if i don’t find a job, i can always resort to playing crap music along the sidewalk. or i can cut your hair for food. maybe tomorrow i’ll learn how to breathe fire or walk on broken glass. mmm okay, time to polish up the resume. darn.

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