i feel like the same guy i was in high school right now. its 234am, i’m in the middle of creating this outline for a presentation next week.. an outline i should’ve done two days ago, and my group probably thinks i’m such a slacker (which i am), and i didn’t even show up for class today because i declared it a lovine holiday and slept in for the morning. agh.

and other things are occupying my mind, of course everyone in my apartment is having the same trouble.. me, jeremy, JJ, tom.. everyone except for nick i guess. what can we say, he just has lots of hawaiian hair growing on his back. heheheh.

i’m at a loss right now. i feel this certain way, but i feel like i don’t have a grip on the situation, and i can’t detach myself from it so easily as i would want… assuming that i wanted to detach myself in the first place. this shit always happens to me. always.

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