i really don’t know what to say. batanes blew me clear off the water, blew me right off my map. i feel like a different person. yikes. those pretty pictures and insane images in your head? that’s really no match against what god has hidden up his sleeve. the philippines.. grabe.

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  1. jen

    aaargh!!! i wish i was free during that time! i’ve been itching to go to batanes for years! you should go to tawi-tawi naman…pristine beaches! white sand everywhere at ang sarap ng fish, squid, tatos and everything else!

  2. Nikki

    hay naku, sana pala di na kami nag pagudpud dati, dito na lang dapat, sobrang lapit lang naman eh diba?! hmp! ganda ganda, lovine! ayus to a

  3. Denise

    Hi Ninong! Thank u for sharing your Batanes pics. Mommy showed them to me. We miss you.

  4. mic

    pucha pol. i shouldve sold my soul just to earn money for that trip. ANG GANDAAAAAAAAA. naiyak ako sa ibang pictures. yung “waaaaah”-type of iyak. pero dude… ang galing mo ding kumuha ha. i bilibs in you. ;) miss ka na daw ni ate.

  5. lovine

    canon powershot s400!

    pia and i deduced that you CANNOT go wrong with ANY picture taken in batanes.. everything is just so damn pretty, click away at anything and its guaranteed picture perfect! .. but thats if the weather cooperates :)

    shit even when its raining its pretty! its foolproof!

  6. GP

    Its no wonder why you dont want to come back to L.A. After seeing these pics, I wouldnt either. Have fun over there. Just remember to share your adventures. Keep that camera clicking!

  7. cinds

    hey, i guess you really had a blast in batanes… ang ganda ng pictures niyo!!! :)

  8. nelson

    i’ve a blank check in my wallet. what if i tell my mom i already enrolled, and use the money to go to batanes. i could saty there for a month. but i guess my mom would worry about me having class for a month huh? ok scratch that.

  9. /momon

    i envy you so much for your trip to the country’s frontier!… wish i colud go there… peor i change my mind, magsasama nako para masaya! hehe balak ko kc me ang camera lang pupunta e. =) nice blog, can i add you mine? please. thanks

  10. gippy

    panalo talaga yung pics, wala na akong masabi. :) around how much did the trip cost per person?

  11. Minnie

    Lovine…I’m happy that you enjoyed Batanes…i told you its Paradise! My parents, grandparents and great, great, grandparents all hail from Batanes. Was not born there, but my parents never missed on sharing with us everything about Batanes. Been there 3x…but just cant get enough of it too! :) For those who want to fly to Batanes…APRIL & first 2-weeks of MAY are the best…fiestas all over!

    Very nice pics…that I had to share your email to my friends. :)

    Talk to you soon!

  12. Karling! :)

    This is the 1st time I’m going to reply to your site. I couldn’t help it! After seeing the pics all I could say is… SYET! Talk about PARADISE! Anyway, cya later!

  13. majoy

    wow..inggit ako..

    i was browsing lj and the universe conspired for me to get here :)

    one day, i, too will go to batanes and take pictures as breath-taking as yours

    thanks for sharing your adventure!

  14. demish

    ei just visited ur site. i love the sunset pic. pareho tayo, i also love taking pictures especially the sunset. sana we could have this group of enthusiasts tapos we’ll visit every place here in pinas! tapos wala tyong gagawin kundi ang mg kuha ng mgkuha! hehehe

  15. aRj


    thanks for sharing these pics! they are awesome, dude. we live in a beautiful country. let’s show it off to the world.

  16. alman

    hi. i know some of the guys on your batanes page. aiel, oliver, and pia. i was with these guys when i went to sagada. were you there as well?

    you took amazing pics. i was in batanes this year as well. visit my livejournal page. i wrote an article about my trip.

    truly amazing pics you have here.

    alman dave

  17. alman

    perhaps “with these guys” is too presumptuous. i actually just went caving with them. sabit lang, hehe. although we took the same bus going there and left sagada around about the same time. say hi to them for me. :D

  18. Jessica

    Unbelievable, breathtaking scenery, and some of the most intense photos I have seen. Inspiring!

  19. boyet hernandez

    batanes is my birthplace but sad to say, hindi pa ako nakakabalik 4 21 yrs.after high school(1979). l miss batanes very much, i’ll be back.
    ur pics r great.(NJ USA)

  20. janice

    great shots! hope to go there soon….when did u go there? how much did it cost u? am planning to visit nov of this yr…

  21. joy

    Grabe. Batanes has got to be the most beautiful place in the whole world. I’ve been there twice as a kid and it’s amazing how they’ve preserved everything – and I can still remember the islands exactly as your pictures show. And that was over 15 years ago, too! Amazing…
    You made me want to go back.

  22. cLeO

    brEathtAkiNg, LoviNe?!!..i cOuLd’vE bEen thEre!..i OnLy tOurEd at pAgAnAmAn pOrt!…i cAn’t beLievE yOu’vE gOt thAt! whAt a shOt!! eSpEciAlly on thE pOrt whEre U pErfEctLy gOt thE sO-cALled pALek!! aS in GIN!! he3x! ..gOt it aLL tO my dOcU… aNd eMAiL(nOt aLL)…thAnkz!! sOoOo cOoOoL!!!


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