i might have lost a friend today. it sucks cos she’s really cool – unfortunately, a few things came up and she made some decisions, hopefully geared for the better. this feeling of helplessness is not amusing. you just really can’t have it all, all the time i guess.

it was great to see therese today though. her new haircut makes her look like a spunky newscaster. cuute!

in a few days, i will be stuffing my trusty backpack and heading up north to batanes for a week. even though there are storms brewing left and right and there’s a big possibility that i’ll trek up there by my lonesome, i don’t really give a shit. i’m thirsty for adventure, and its a good time-out from all the city drama so i can sit out and take pictures of the breathtaking landscapes whilst pausing my existence into a time-space vacuum. rad.

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