a great chapter comes to a close; today i bid farewell to citibank, and set out for yet another great adventure waiting on the next horizon.

i never really thought i’d have a hard time bidding this gig goodbye. yet i have no qualms because i know that in the end of the day, i did a job that i can be proud of and at the same time met great people (who make everything substantially harder than it should be).. but now i have to move on, and set out what i want to do, what i need to do, what i know i could do.

i try to muster up the right words, but this isn’t really cutting it. i never really say goodbye to anyone – we’re really just living off each other vicariously.. each one a part of the other, at the same time each instance a part of the next..

and for that, the moments that we’ve spent together.. for that, i am most thankful.

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  1. andrea

    oh my god – i miss your cute face – you look hot in that picture with your cute shirt on and cute hair – hey you want to make out? :)

  2. andrea

    I am serious you look so cute – i just want to hug you. Come back for at least a week so I can see your cute face again (and I am being serious). Love ya

  3. pearljan

    Yo Lovine,

    Wasn’t able to bid you farewell. Good luck on your future endeavors. Hope to see you in Cali when I get there. You’ve been a great pal. We’ll miss you.

  4. alexis

    you’re not wearing the shirt i bought you in that picture are you sweetie?

  5. kaye

    lovine! free as a bird already huh? yup, you did a good job.. and you are one of the reasons why i kinda liked being there. hehe! now that we’re all gone, they must be so bored. hahaha!

    take care dude!

  6. roy

    AARRGGHH!! Hindi ko naisip magpa-picture ng ganyan before I left! Sayang! hehe. Maybe I’ll pass by Citibank para lang magpa-picture. hehe =P

    Hi Monette, Jan, Kaye! Dumadaan pala kayo dito =)

  7. pEarljan

    Uyy! Royski! Kaye! musta kayo?

    Miss namin kayo dito. Boring na talaga. Si Monette na lang ang source of fun and enjoyment namin, di ba Monette? Eh aalis pa yan…


  8. lovine

    jan!!! kailangan natin magkita bago ako umalis!!

    san pupunta si monette?? bibisitahin ako sa esteyts? :”>

  9. pearljan


    Kita tayo! Di ka sagot sa mga text ko eh.

    Basta magpakita ka, kid. Before you leave.


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