sometimes i like talking when no one is listening. but not as much as i like listening when no one is talking. i need a breather. cut the crap, please.

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  1. mitzi

    i see a familiar line here… like a mix-and-match version of something i once said. ;P

    you ok? hope everything is.

    try this: talk to your image in the mirror, it makes you realize many things. and you kill two birds with one stone. you talk when no one is listening, and listen when no one is talking. no bull. it’s great therapy. just do it when you’re alone in your room else people will think you’re a nutter.

    blessed be :)

  2. ava

    just visiting to see what’s up with you.Ü thanks for sending me the pics even if you’re feeling under the weather. hope you’ll feel better tom!Ü

  3. cinds

    hey are you going nuts because of work??!!! (well, who wouldn’t be? hahah!!!) you seem troubled though. anyway, hope you’ll enjoy the last few days of your stay at citibank.
    im actually enjoying my work now more than ever knowing that ill be leaving soon. hehe!
    btw, ill have lunch again with you guys next wk. see yah!

  4. lovine

    i love my work. not because i’ve turned into a glorified monkey, but because of the people i’ve met (yihee) and i know that what i’ve been doing, and just my mere presence is really appreciated. and thats enough for me to call it a day and say i’ve done my job, and i’ve done it well. :”>

    i’m kinda sad, actually. maaan.

  5. roy

    pakidala yung VB book ko sa thurs.
    pati yung xmas gift sa kin ni jimbo! haha!


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