i went to the beach again this weekend, and brought amber along. click on the picture for more! i don’t have too much to say this time, i’ve just been really busy with work and i try to have fun when i can. the drone of everyday life really has this cynical way of creeping up behind you and numbing your senses from all over. once in a while, you really just need to take that break from the picture so you can see it from outside the frame. and that’s when i vent on this blog and post lots and lots of pictures. haha!

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  1. lovine

    get a clue. i’m minding my own business, and you’re the one who keeps on ragging me to go back to LA. don’t be stupid.

  2. andrea

    Damn people remember when we use to be friends. Lovine – Alana just misses you lots and wants you to know how much she misses you so that you can come at least visit. And hey I miss you lots to – kiss kiss.

  3. andrea

    you are always a bitch that is nothing new – but we are still going to bug you to come back to the states – well because we miss the cute little lovine


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