there is a big chance that i will be going to random beaches the next following weekends. puerto galera pics are online, check it out.

life is good. :)

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  1. lovine

    i’ll be that college memory that you’ll never forget :”> the same way that you’ve been a friend that i can never replace..

    even though we never made out..

  2. Ponts

    Lovine needs to come back to the States. There are tons of girls (and boys) here.

  3. andrea

    ALL you really need is to bite me good and hard – and then you will feel better. But you can only do that if you come back to the states. Or else you will never bite my soft skin again and that would be oh so sad.

  4. Ponts

    Based on this conversation, I have decided to find myself a makeout partner. You guys make it sound like so much fun :) hehe

  5. andrea

    lovine never wanted to make out with me – but I always wanted to make out with him – I was rejected. hehehe :)


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