Dear Sarah


To the most beautiful soul I’ve met in my lifetime,
Thank you for blessing me with an abundance of love and affection
For guiding me to always find the happiness in my heart
For being the little ball of adventure that you are in my life

Thank you for creating the fire and chaos in our hearts, that we may continue to dance in each others arms, to the whispering rhythms of the world. That we may continue to dream and catch the horizons that I know we will conquer.

Happy Birthday Ms. Kat… I love you!!!!!

One Response to “Dear Sarah”

  1. Rhoville Evaristo Isaac

    Ummm…ok, this is tooo mushy for me!….but GOSH darnit…you two soulmates….tooooo sweet!  Congratulations on your recent engagement<3 Love, Tita Rhoville (tita?  really…that's weird!)


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