My Head Hurts

Why are people searching “How to have a girlfriend” on my search box?

Greetings from Guam. In another round of hamster wheeling, I laid out a 15-hour workday yesterday (Saturday) powered by an increasing addiction to coffee. It’s Sunday and I’m getting kicked out of the coffee shop soon. Wrote and polished off a few macros to run as a morning job that consolidates reports (that are strictly designed for printing to paper – i.e. there are no columns and easy way to dump to Excel) across 6 disparate systems. Fun times.

Tomorrow is Monday. The End, is the Beginning, is the End. Bring it!!

2 Responses to “My Head Hurts”

  1. Roy

    Delegate your macro-programming. I thought you said goodbye to that after our citi-days!

    • Lovine

      Delegate to who??? Should I hire a PH? And where would I find upstanding nerds like you and I? :) Preferably who would work for the same salary we were getting? In Guam? Hehe :)


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