my head is literally numb – i can’t feel the pounding in my head but i know its there. i was out drinking with citibankers last night.. one of them is getting married next week, and i met up with them after their bachelorette partay. there are moments that i’m really happy i am where i am.

and then there are those other moments. i’m bored with my life. i want someone to open me up, prod my insides, and rearrange the structures that make me stand up. i want to be shook up, turned upside down, and made to realize that i don’t really know what i thought i did.

well, maybe i’m just bored. or maybe i’m just lonely. maybe i need another drink, but that’s not gonna take me anywhere. i want to go someplace, i want to meet someone, i want to do something. i want to move… i want to exercise my life.

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