but you know what i really miss?

on those random afternoons that all classes are done, and the radio is pumping out curtis mayfield: if there’s a hell below, we’re all gonna go. j is cleaning the dishes, narcs is vacuuming, nick is polishing the tub and i’m scrubbing the toilet. there’s a fresh round of beer chilling in 3 fridges in our apartment, and a jumble of shoes mar one end of the room because its absolutely forbidden to wear shoes on our hawaiian carpets. its that moment of tranquility before a night of drinking.. right now, i am terribly missing leavey 4.

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  1. ponts

    I think you meant that you really miss MMMMEEEEEE!! When do you get back to L.A.? I’m so excited to see you, Loviney! *MUAH*


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