i have this burning desire to reassess the way i live my life. i’m weak to shun away the temptations of this sweet soul numbing nectar called beer, and it seems like i’m always out having fun, without really giving due notice to the fact that i am getting older with looming responsibilities. i feel like each passing moment is a wasted opportunity to actually try to do something significant with my life. instead, i end up quantifying the value of myself by spending it monkeying around with my friends.

i guess this partly explains my disposition towards movement. i can’t stay anywhere too long. i get scared when i’m comfortable, when everything drones out into normalcy. it seems as though parts of the world blur when you see the same things over and over again, and i don’t want that. i want to be successful, to be driven, to find out who i really am. and i’d love to be oh maybe 5 inches taller. haha!

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  1. andrea

    you will never be 5 inches taller but that is why we love the small little lovine – you are hot just the way you are. :) Love you and miss you tons – send me your home address or else come home soon.


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