last night i was supposed to watch lowkey at big sky, but i ended up too intoxicated to stay. i’ve been drinking too much the past two days. i feel like i’m back in loyola.

can i just say.. big sky mind has the best potato chips in the whole world. period.

i got my NBI clearance today. there was no one there, and i got it in under 10 minutes flat out. the only problem was, i got confused with ‘middle name’.. so idiot me, put ‘lovine’ as my middle name.. and the final print came out as “paul gopez y lovine”.. i’m like what the fark! and then i remembered, shet middle name nga pala dito maiden name.. hassle. burat kasi mga tao sa states, iba yung gamit nila ng ‘middle’ name.. so i went back, made pa cute to the old ladies in counter number 3 and asked them to help me out. so a few smiles later, i got it fixed. no problem. score!

later, i’m off to twisted halo. i want to crop more of my hair. someone stop me.

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